About Minery

Minery was founded in 2016 by experienced miners to provide a turn key mining hosting and service company to experienced crypto miners. Minery carefully selected the best sources of renewable energy, the optimal climate, the best team and created the best management and software tools to deliver Minery’s Premium Managed Mining Hosting Service.

Minery is committed to keeping the trust of its customers with transparent billing and allowing customers to visit their servers at our sites at any time.

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Our years of mining experience allowed us to build a global network of relationships with mining hardware and software providers and we have a very advanced and comprehensive service center to provide the ongoing maintenance for your ASICS!

Minery continues to grow at a very rapid pace supporting more and more miners like yourself. Host with Minery and experience what it is like to have a world class hosting partner for your mining endeavors!

Minery IT and Operations teams apply best Data Center management practices (ITIL, EN 50600, ISO 27001) to architecture, infrastructure, processes and people training.

Our technology stack is built with reliability and scalability in mind. We combine cloud and on-site resources to ensure proper level of redundancy for all critical components.

We use open source DCIM and monitoring tools (NetBox, Prometheus, Grafana) along with proprietory software stack (Java, Python).

We have 24x7 support teams in each location and strive to maximize uptime with
  • Continuous monitoring of client's hardware and supporting infrastructure
  • Automatic outage detection and proactive alerting system
  • Centralized issue management system
  • Proactive resource utilization analysis
  • Ongoing operations team education and certification
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New facilities - release schedule

site 1 = 22 MW available in Dec 2021
site 2 = 20 MW available in Jan 2022
site 3 = 60 MW available in Jan 2022
site 4 = 10 MW available in Jan 2022
site 5 = 22 MW available in Feb 2022
site 6 = 100 MW available in March 2022
site 7 = 300 MW available in mid 2022
site 8 = 200 MW available in mid 2022
site 9 = 130 MW available in late 2022

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