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Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, was created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto but gained global popularity in 2013. However, few people predicted Bitcoin's success when it was originally introduced as a viable alternative to conventional money.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are virtual or digital assets built, deployed, and transacted using blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is powered by cryptography, presenting one of the most secure ways to tag virtual objects.

Since its introduction in 2009, Bitcoin has shown no signs of slowing down. As the value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies continues to rise, there is a growing interest in learning how to benefit from them. There are several ways to acquire new cryptocurrencies; mining is the oldest and perhaps the best way to get Bitcoin at a lower price.

Between 2009 and 2013, it was easy to earn dozens of Bitcoin in a day via mining. But as Bitcoin's use and popularity grew, Bitcoin mining became harder, and the mining rewards decreased. Currently, Bitcoin mining requires modern, powerful, specialized equipment (hardware) and software. Likewise, the complexity of Bitcoin mining software has grown, prompting the question, "What is the best Bitcoin mining software?".

So, in this post, we'll go over some of the best Bitcoin mining software that can help you start mining for profit today.

best bitcoin mining software


CGMiner is a crypto mining software published in 2011. The software was developed by Australian programmer Con Kolivas and was initially made for mining Bitcoin and litecoin. CGMiners is a multi-threaded and multi-pool software that runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. As one of the best software for Bitcoin mining, CGMiner is extensively used in the crypto mining industry with ASICs, GPUs, and FPGAs. CGMiner implements a command-line interface, enabling miners to control their mining rigs with simple keyboard commands easily. CGMiner also provides advanced mining management by detecting incoming blocks and adjusting the hash power to meet them.



Open source

More suitable for advanced users

Used with FPGA, ASIC, and GPU

Unknown CLI

Available for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Complex installation on Windows 10

CGMiner is rated one of the best Bitcoin mining software 2022. Some of its important features are:

  • Real-time statistics showing the current mining status.
  • Independent power distribution and remote fan speed, and power controls
  • High performance and mining efficiency geared towards profitability
  • Multi-pool and multi-device support for miners

We recommend CGMiner for Bitcoin mining. You might, however, need some technical knowledge to use it on Windows. CGMiner is written in C and performs simultaneous hashing, giving users the option of managing and hedging their risks across multiple blockchains and coins. CGMiner also uses a CLI.


BFGMiner is another advanced software for mining Bitcoin. BFGMiner was published in 2012 by Luke Dashjr, a Florida-based programmer. BFGMiner was designed for mining Bitcoin and litecoin and is considered the next best mining software for Bitcoin. The software is a modular mining software that works for ASIC and FPGA and is multi-blockchain and multi-algorithm. In addition, BFGMiner has built-in device drivers for integrating with a wide range of devices using macOS, Windows, and Linux and is run on the Stratum proxy server.

Some features of BFGMiner are:

  • Temperature monitoring
  • Safe thread restart mode
  • Dynamic clocking
  • Remote interface capabilities.
  • Real-time statistics, and
  • High performance/mining efficiency.



Available for macOS, Linux, and Windows

It supports only the English language

Simultaneous and multi-blockchain mining

Suitable for advanced users only

Compatible with FPGA and ASIC miners


With BFGMiner, you can start earning Bitcoin almost immediately as the software is highly efficient. The software is written in C and performs simultaneous hashing, giving users the option of managing and hedging their risks across multiple blockchains and coins. BFGMiner also uses a CLI.


Shamining is a Bitcoin mining software developed in 2018 by a UK-based IT company. It is also the name of the cloud mining platform that the company also owns. Shamining is a high-performance Bitcoin mining software that runs on GPU and ASIC miners and is available and compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS. The software is one of the best Bitcoin mining software windows and delivers up to 23 580 GH/s hash power.


  • Real-time statistics display
  • Remote device and account management
  • Advanced capabilities
  • Direct download and installation
  • Cloud mining features
  • Bitcoin mining income calculator



Suitable for any device and OS

Minimum withdrawal of 0.001 BTC

Great customer support

Only mines Bitcoin

Low minimum capital

KYC required for fiat payment

Easy payment methods


Shamining is one of the popular Bitcoin mining platforms today, with clients from several continents. Its power efficiency is commendable; the user-friendly interface makes it easy for beginners to use the software.


Popularly dubbed "the simpler version of BFGMiner," Multi Miner is a cryptocurrency mining software for desktop PC. The software is used for monitoring and mining on all OS, including Windows, macOS X, and Linux. Multimienr is even considered the best Bitcoin mining software for Mac. Multi Miner provides a simpler way for miners to switch between ASICs, GPU, FPGAs, and between Bitcoin and litecoin mining. The software was built based on the BFGMiner, the underlying software used for switching mining processes.



Support for a large range of mining algorithms

1% donation applies

Easy to install and use


Multi-device monitoring



  • Intuitive screen for selecting coin
  • Smartphone monitoring support
  • Multi-coin mining
  • Graphic UI
  • Automated and remote-controlled mining features

Multi Miner is one of the best software for mining Bitcoin and is optimized for Windows. If you find CGMiner too advanced for you, Multiminers is a great alternative.

Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner is one of the best free Bitcoin mining software in the industry today. Only a few mining software can beat Awesome Miner for performance, efficiency, and user-friendliness. The software was published in 2014 by IntelliBreeze Software AB (former IntelliBreeze Software), a Sweden-based IT firm. Since then, Awesome Miner has become a popular software for mining cryptocurrencies. Its full remote control features and cloud mining options are well optimized for Windows. Awesome Miner is also available for Linux and is compatible with GPUs, CPUs, ASICs, and FPGAs.



Simple UI

Not available on macOS

Multi-user platform

Novice users may find it complex

Optimized for Windows


Optimized Antminer firmware



  • Notifications
  • Real-time display and notification on user Dashboards
  • Speed overclocking
  • Efficient power consumption
  • Profitability calculator.
  • Wallet Balance
  • Pool Management
  • Profit Switching

Users can set up mining pools with a single click on Awesome Miner. In addition, the software pricing is quite friendly, making it one of the best crypto mining software in 2022.


DiabloMiner was developed and published in 2011. GitHub created the open-source crypto mining software with free license-source software for mining cryptocurrencies. It is free and primarily designed for GPU mining. DiabloMiner can be used for solo and pool mining, retaining its high performance. The software is easy to use, connects to multiple mining pools, and permits third-party connections. DiabloMiner is so efficient that computer resources can only limit the earning potential. The software was written in Java and used a command-line interface (CLI).



Free access

Supports only bitcoin mining

Flexible and compatible

No graphical interface

Open-source command line



  • Real-time statistics display
  • Integration with macOS
  • Unlimited mining pools
  • Design exclusively for GPUs

DiabloMiner is best for miners who prefer the open CL framework. The software is efficient and power-efficient, returning a healthy profit margin on initial investments. If you want a bitcoin miner that is easy to use, free, and optimized for Windows, DiabloMiner is great.

BTC Miner

BTC Miner is a cloud-based mining software that runs on Linux and Windows. The software makes bitcoin mining easy for anyone with an FPGA miner, stable internet access, and a bitcoin wallet. BTCMiner automatically uses the frequency with the highest hash rate for mining. The software is efficient in mining bitcoin and is power-efficient and secure; mining data is backed up daily using the SHA-256 algorithm.

Power saving mode and ready-to-use Bitstream allow you to run the mining program without a license or Xilinx software, and protection for overheating are the features of BTCMiner.




Not available for macOS

Real-time data feed


99.97% uptime



  • Dynamic frequency scaling
  • Pre-installed Bitstream
  • Power saving mode
  • Remote monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Overheating protection
  • Multi-FPGA board control
  • Data security

Final Verdict

bitcoin mining software

Bitcoin mining has become increasingly difficult, and to stay profitable, you must have the right software and hardware for mining. This article has discussed six bitcoin mining software, each with its strengths and advantages. If you are a novice asking what the best software for Bitcoin mining is, you might want to consider Awesome Miner, DiabloMiner, and BTCMiner, as they are easy to use. For advanced users, CGMiner, BFGMiner, and Shamining are great options.

Your mining goals will influence the Miner you select, but you should consider the power efficiency and ease of switching algorithms. If you want to be profitable using the best bitcoin mining software, you should use the Minery hosted mining model. Minery provides a safe, no-work, low-capital bitcoin mining method that you can use to start your profitable bitcoin mining.

Now you know where to get the best bitcoin miner hosting services. Start your crypto mining journey today.


The best bitcoin mining software depends on your mining experience and goals. Awesome Miner, BTCMiner, and DiabloMiner are best for beginners, while CGMiner, Shamining, and BFGMiner are great for advanced miners. The best way to mine using the best bitcoin mining software with reduced electricity cost, low capital, and sustained profitability is to use Minery's mining hosting model.
Most bitcoin mining software is open source and free, while others require a donation before access is granted. Hardware and power expenditures account for the majority of bitcoin mining costs.
Several types of software are used for Bitcoin mining, including CGMiner, Multiminer, BFGMiner, Shamining, Awesome Miner, and more. They are specialized applications that mine bitcoins using computer resources. The software links to the hardware to mine bitcoins individually or to a mining pool where numerous users share their hardware's power and earn bitcoin rewards.
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