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The crypto market offers you a wide range of opportunities to make passive income. Although the Indian government is trying to regulate crypto to avoid the consequences of it being used for illegal practices, crypto exchanges and apps are still legally welcomed in India.

Each crypto app in India comes with its commissions, features and benefits. This article gives an in-depth look into the best crypto app in India so you can use a suitable trading platform to kickstart your crypto journey.

crypto app in India

Criteria for Selection

We've carefully considered the top 10 crypto apps in India using the following criteria.

  1. Supported Coins

Crypto exchanges have a limited list of supported coins; others support more coins than others. Some crypto exchanges have the unique feature of being the haven for newly listed coins. Some of these features appeal more to an audience than others and help users choose the ideal app for them.

  1. Safety and Security

The FTX saga has raised concerns among many crypto traders and investors over the safety and security of crypto exchanges. Based on the need to reassure the crypto community of the safety and security of crypto apps, one significant metric to consider is proof of reserve. If a crypto exchange has proof of reserve, it guarantees that users can withdraw their assets at any time.

  1. Margin Trading

Margin trading allows users access to higher amounts of cryptocurrency than they actually own. Some crypto apps don't support margin trading, but all apps in our list of the best crypto trading app in India support margin trading.

  1. Fees

Crypto exchanges charge trading commissions for buying or selling cryptocurrencies on their platforms. These fees vary across crypto apps; some charge higher, and others lower. Our list contains apps with the lowest trading commissions.

  1. Deposit And Withdrawal Options

You'll find that each crypto app has different deposit and withdrawal options. The best crypto apps are the ones that offer a wide range of options for you to deposit and withdraw your assets.

The 10 Best Crypto Trading Apps in India in 2023

best crypto app in India

App 1: CoinDCX

  1. Overview of the app

CoinDCX is the best app for crypto trading in India for high-volume traders. It's a seamless, simple-to-use and multipurpose crypto trading app with over 4 million Indian users and more than 200 cryptocurrencies.

User registration involves automated software integrations like biometrics to enhance the safety and security of users' assets. CoinDCX supports margin trading, staking and investments, and futures & lending options.

  1. Key features and benefits
  • Has a public proof-of-reserve.
  • Allows up to 10x leverage on margin trading and 15x on futures.
  • You can access your profit and loss statement readily.
  • Has 2FA integrations and exchange stores 95% of funds in cold storage, thereby minimizing risks.
  • Has daily feeds to educate users about trending events in the crypto industry.
  1. User reviews and ratings
  1. 5 (Best for High-volume traders)

App 2: Bitbns

  1. Overview of the app

Bitbns is among the best cryptocurrency app India, with over 350 cryptocurrencies and more than 4 million Indian users. You'll find resources to help you improve your trading skills in the Bitbns Academy.

Bitbns is popularly known for listing metaverse tokens to Indian crypto investors. The exchange was also the first to provide tax relief to users by offering zero TDS on SIP transactions.

  1. Key features and benefits
  • 0.25%/0.25% maker/taker fees.
  • Users can stake BNS, the exchange's native coin, to earn passive income.
  • Bitbns Academy offers educational resources on crypto trading and blockchain technology.
  • Supports margin trading and good leverage levels.
  • It does not charge deposit fees; withdrawal fees apply to all transactions.
  1. User reviews and ratings

4.0 (Best for Advanced Features)

App 3: Binance

  1. Overview of the app

Binance is the world's most popular crypto app and is the best app to buy cryptocurrency in India at low fees. Binance supports large-volume trading and offers staking and investment services for Indian investors.

Users can learn about the rationale behind different cryptocurrencies and explore how-to guides on crypto trading on Binance Academy. The exchange supports over 300 cryptocurrencies with about 30 million users, as it is one of the most trusted crypto exchanges globally.

  1. Key features and benefits
  • 0-0.1% trading fees.
  • Zero deposit fees and varying withdrawal fees.
  • Supports margin trading, options, futures trading, and other advanced trading features.
  • Has a published proof-of-reserve.
  • Has two crypto trading interfaces; one for pros and another for newbies.
  1. User reviews and ratings

4.8 (Best for low fees)

App 4: WazirX

  1. Overview of the app

WazirX was founded in India and is India's biggest native crypto exchange, with over 6 million users. It supports over 280 cryptocurrencies, but unlike other crypto exchanges, users can only use one fiat currency on the platform, the Indian Rupee (INR). WazirX is the best app for cryptocurrency in India for novices and intermediate traders and is popularly known for its advanced trading features and user-friendly interface.

  1. Key features and benefits
  • It has an exchange coin, WRX, which users can use to trade other cryptocurrencies.
  • The app has advanced trading tools, including detailed charts live market and expresses buy/sell options.
  • Stores 95% of funds in secure cold storage.
  • 0.2% trading fee on transactions.
  • Has an automated P2P trading platform.
  1. User reviews and ratings
  2. 0 (Best for novice and intermediate crypto traders)

App 5: Delta Exchange

  1. Overview of the app

Delta Exchange is the best cryptocurrency app in India for derivative trading. The exchange allows up to 100x leverage and offers demo trading for users to practice their trading skills. It supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and is rapidly gaining popularity in the Indian crypto market. Delta does not support fiat currency, and there's no avenue for users to buy crypto coins with cash. The only option is to buy crypto on another platform and move it to the exchange to begin trading, which can be a massive turnoff for beginners.

  1. Key features and benefits
  • 0.02% /0.05% marker/taker fees.
  • Users can place multiple orders simultaneously.
  • Offers up to 100x for derivative trading.
  • There's a provision for liquidity farming and staking pools to earn rewards.
  • Supports futures, options and margin trading.
  1. User reviews and ratings

3.8 (Best for intermediate-level traders)

App 6: Unocoin

  1. Overview of the app

When asking which app is best for cryptocurrency in India, Unocoin is top of the list. Unocoin is one of the oldest exchanges, with over 80 digital currencies and over 2 million users. New users get free Bitcoin after registering and earn 15% as the reward for trading fees. Unocoin also has an educational platform, Unoversity, that offers courses, news, blogs, podcasts, and videos on cryptocurrency.

  1. Key features and benefits
  • 0.3% taker fees.
  • Has a lending feature related to over-the-counter trade for bulk trading.
  • Has a VIP "Gold member" account that provides access to higher buying and selling limits with lower transaction fees.
  • Allows users to recharge their phones using cryptocurrencies.
  • Systematic buying plans (SBP) are available for as little as 10 INR to boost their returns.
  1. User reviews and ratings

3.8 ( Best for Millennials)

App 7: CoinSwitch

  1. Overview of the app

Considering which app is best for cryptocurrency in India? You should look into CoinSwitch. CoinSwitch is a top-rated crypto exchange app offering zero trading fees on all Bitcoin transactions. The app is best poised for beginners, although a pro version has more advanced trading features and arbitrage opportunities. CoinSwitch supports over 100 cryptocurrencies and offers educational resources on blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrencies.

  1. Key features and benefits
  • 0.1%/0.1% maker/taker fees.
  • Withdrawals and deposits are available only in INR.
  • Zero trading fees on Bitcoin transactions.
  • Zero commissions on deposits and withdrawals.
  • Ensures account safety and security with SSL encryption, 2FA and OTP.
  1. User reviews and ratings

4.5 (Best crypto exchange app for beginners)

App 8: ZebPay

  1. Overview of the app

ZebPay is the best app for cryptocurrency trading in India for intraday trading and lending. Investors can earn interest from their holdings, creating a passive income stream to make their money work. ZebPay offers a fixed return of 4% to investors that contribute to liquidity pools through their lending services. The exchange has over 100 cryptocurrencies and 5 million users.

  1. Key features and benefits
  • 0.15%/0.25% maker/taker fees.
  • 4% return over investment for lending cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Enables fast payments through the lightning network.
  • Zero trading fees on selected trading pairs.
  • Provides educational resources on the crypto space and runs a blog that features news updates.
  1. User reviews and ratings

4.0 (Best for intraday trading and lending rewards)

App 9: BuyUcoin

  1. Overview of the app

BuyUcoin is one of the best apps to invest in cryptocurrency in India. It's an excellent platform if you're looking to diversify your investment portfolios by investing in multiple crypto coins. BuyUcoinsm features a variety of products, including the Systematic Crypto Investment Plans (SCIPz), which enables investors to invest as little as 100 INR in top crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum a d Polygon (MATIC). It has over 10 million users and supports over 130 cryptocurrencies.

  1. Key features and benefits
  • 0.24%/0.24% maker/taker fees.
  • Provides limit orders with charts
  • Zero fees for deposits.
  • Enables spot, futures and over-the-counter wholesale trading.
  • Has systematic crypto investment plans for investors to maximize profits.
  1. User reviews and ratings
  2. 5 (Best crypto exchange app for systematic investments)

App 10: Capital

  1. Overview of the app

Capital is a top cryptocurrency app in India with over 400 cryptocurrencies and a customer base of over a million users. In addition to offering a crypto market to Indians, also offers financial markets to trade CFDs, shares and currencies. The brokerage also provides educational resources and real-time news feeds to help users learn about the crypto market and stay in touch with recent happenings.

  1. Key features and benefits
  • Zero trading commissions.
  • Fast order execution and tight spreads.
  • Free lifetime demo account for amateur traders to master crypto trading skills.
  • Regulated by FCA, CySEC, ASIC and FSA.
  • Supports margin and futures trading with high leverage levels.
  1. User reviews and ratings

4.0 (Best crypto exchange for trading multiple markets)

Final Thoughts on the Best Crypto Trading Apps in India

best cryptocurrency app India

We've highlighted the top 10 cryptocurrency apps in India including their best features. They include:

  • CoinDCX; Best for High-volume traders
  • Bitbns; Best for Advanced Features
  • Binance; Best for Low Fees
  • WazirX; Best for Novice and Intermediate Crypto Traders
  • Delta Exchange; Best for Intermediate-Level Traders
  • Unocoin; Best for Millennials
  • CoinSwitch; Best for Beginners
  • BuyUcoin; Best for Systematic Investments
  • ZebPay; Best for intraday trading and lending rewards
  •; Best for Trading Multiple Markets

You can also explore hosted bitcoin mining as another income stream in the crypto market.


The best crypto trading apps in India include Binance, Bitbns, CoinDCX, Unocoin, CoinSwitch, BuyUcoin, and WazirX. These platforms have the highest number of users and positive reviews for Indian users.
These crypto trading apps are safe and secure for use in India as they have integrated several features to protect users. Some of these integrations include SSL encryption, 2FA and OTP.
These cryptocurrency trading apps are licensed to operate in India and abide by the country's crypto regulations. You can buy and sell any crypto coin on these apps without negative legal consequences.
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