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Nvidia, a leading hardware and software company, designs drivers for many purposes, ranging from gaming to heavy tasks like cryptocurrency mining. Crypto mining in 2023 requires energy-efficient machines to deliver the best performance at optimal conditions. Nvidia drivers are popular for mining cryptos, given their performance, durability, and cost -factors crucial to the rewards of mining cryptos.

You do not need more technical knowledge or extra equipment besides the drivers and complete computer setup; you can install Nvidia drivers for your mining machines using this guide.

It is necessary to check your system's compatibility before purchasing an Nvidia driver or updating the driver running on your system. Whether you are upgrading or installing a new driver, ensure to follow the steps in this guide.


Tips for Choosing the Best Driver for Mining

When setting up a mining rig, choosing the best driver Nvidia may be tricky if you need to know what to look for. Many miners think going for the latest hardware and software is best, but results often show otherwise. Here are a few things to check when choosing a driver for mining:

  1. Software/hardware compatibility: Some hardware are not compatible with some versions of software and may never reach optimal performance or even perform. If a mining machine is optimized for a particular mining software or driver, the hash rate may stay high, impacting the mining performance and overall rewards value. Ensure the driver software is compatible with your graphics processing unit.
  2. Check reviews and online forums: Chances are that other mining pool contributors or owners may have experience working with the same driver, mining software, and hardware equipment as you have. Interacting with such miners may help you determine the right fit for your mining rig and avoid some mistakes.
  3. Use the advanced search on the Nvidia website to find the exact software based on your system’s specifications, as some miner drivers only work with minimum specified parameters.

Finally, consider the technical support available for the software version, as older versions may have limited or no technical support. If your system doesn’t work with the latest versions, contact the technical team for help.

The best driver version for mining

Nvidia has different driver versions designed for different activities. Here are the top 3 driver versions from Nvidia, including the one that stands out as the best Nvidia mining driver.

DCH drivers

DCH drivers, known as "Declarative Componentized Hardware supported apps drivers," are built similar to Nvidia's standard drivers. They differ in packaging and installation but have the same functions as an Nvidia standard driver. Overall, DCH drivers are smaller and quicker to install than the standard Nvidia but are not suitable for mining operations.

Studio drivers

Nvidia studio drivers are designed mainly for creative applications and are best suited for artists, creators, and 3-D designers. It creates an optimal experience when working with creative apps like Adobe, Autodesk, etc.

Game-ready drivers

Nvidia's Game ready drivers are built with the latest technologies for a smooth gaming experience. They are designed for maximum interoperability across several hardware configurations to provide top performance and reliability.

Among the three driver versions described above, Nvidia's game-ready drivers are the best Nvidia drivers for mining as they provide the best stability and top performance while mining.


Features of Nvidia Video Card Mining Drivers

Here are the properties of different Nvidia versions over time, including the best Nvidia GPU for mining.

Driver Version

Date of Release

Video Card Compatibility

Compatible Operating System


384 and above

June 2017

Geforce 400 series-1000

Windows 7, 8 and 10

Older driver version, not suitable for optimized mining today


October 2017

Geforce 400- 1000

Windows 7, 8 and 10

Older driver version, not suitable for optimized mining today

388.9 and above

December 2017

Geforce 600- 1000 and TITAN series

Windows 7, 8 and 10

Older driver version, not suitable for optimized mining today


May 2018

Geforce 600- 1000 and TITAN series

Windows 7, 8 and 10

Older driver version, not suitable for optimized mining today


August 2018

Geforce 600- 1000 and TITAN series

Windows 7, 8 and 10

Older driver version, not suitable for optimized mining today


April 2021

Geforce RTX 30 series and TITAN series

Windows 10 and 11

Are regarded as one of the best Nvidia drivers for mining


Sept 2021

Geforce RTX 30 series and TITAN series

Windows 10 and 11

Are regarded as the best Nvidia drivers for mining

When to update your Nvidia mining drivers

The best Nvidia mining software is usually optimized for smooth mining operations. Nvidia constantly rolls out updates for their drivers, which can be good for mining. However, new updates sometimes are not favorable for better mining operations as they could lead to a drop in hash rates, but this is not always the case.

So, if your driver works well and gives a good hash rate performance, we recommend that you do not update it. But, if you've confirmed that your mining software has been optimized to support the new driver update, you can update it.

Make sure you halt all mining operations on your rig before you proceed to update your drivers. Run the nv_update script at your rig terminal, and the new update will be downloaded and installed. After which, your system will reboot with the latest graphics driver update.

The best GPU for mining 2022, as reported by users, is Nvidia driver versions 472.12 and 466, which are not the latest Nvidia drivers. If these are the versions you have, we recommend that you do not update your drivers, but you can update to these versions if you have earlier versions.

How to Install Nvidia Mining Drivers

You can update or install new Nvidia drivers for mining directly from the Nvidia website. This is the best way to get a smooth installation experience and ensure you have the proper configurations.

  1. Close all applications and processes that may interfere with the installation. Also, plug in your device to avoid interruptions.
  2. Ensure you remove previous versions of Nvidia drivers that do not meet your current mining needs using the driver tool on your computer. You should restart your computer for the changes to take effect.
  3. Go to the Nvidia website for version 522.25, which is more stable and efficient than the other versions. Ensure it is compatible with your computer by checking the table above. Only install compatible drivers to avoid technical problems.
  4. The Nvidia mining software will download immediately if you use the “Download” button. You can click the install or open button once the download completes.
  5. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the driver. First, permit the package installer to write to your disk, then choose the Nvidia Graphics Driver installation.
  6. The installer will write the files to your disk and indicate when the installation completes.
  7. You might have to restart your system if some other applications fail. But for crypto mining, you may not have to restart your system to use any mining software.



Amongst the Nvidia mining drivers released over the years, the best Nvidia driver for mining is the 472.12 version. It works on Windows 10 and 11 and has video card compatibility for the Geforce RTX 30 series and below, including the titan series. Users refer to it as better than the latest Nvidia versions when considering its ability to promote good hash rate efficiency.

You can download it from Nvidia's website and install it following the steps outlined above. As Nvidia rolls out new updates, confirm whether the update supports your mining software, as new updates might not necessarily improve the performance of your hash rate. Nevertheless, favorable updates can help improve your mining rig performance and ultimately contribute to successful mining operations.

Alternatively, you can skip buying equipment and software for mining and opt for a mining hosting service that provides everything you need to mine cryptocurrencies profitably.


Yes. The version of the driver you use can affect the value of the hash rate your mining rig operates on. Older drivers are usually unsuitable for optimized mining today, while updates on the recent ones might reduce the hash rate. It's advised you confirm if new updates improve the performance of your hash rate before installing them.
Yes, you can mine cryptocurrencies without drivers. Drivers are needed when you aim to mine crypto coins using GPU mining, but you don’t need drivers if you're considering CPU mining.
NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 30 series is one of the most popular Nvidia drivers crypto miners leverage for GPU mining. However, the drivers are built specifically for gaming purposes; hence, the company attempts to discourage them from being used for crypto mining. Sometimes the updates to the drivers come with new features that reduce the hashrate generated if used for crypto mining.
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