Better Hash Mining Software - What Is It?


Cryptocurrency mining requires specialized software that interfaces between mining machines and blockchains. The Better Hash mining software is commonly used for cryptocurrencies. This article covers the history and background of the software, its features, advantages, coins mined, how it works, and the best way to set up the miner.

What Is BetterHash?

BetterHash enhance mining power

BetterHash is a cryptocurrency mining software that mines nine different crypto assets: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Monero (XMR), Zcash (ZEC), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Grin Coin (GRIN), RavenCoin (RVN) and ZCoin (XZC). BetterHash is popular for its algorithm that adapts to mine the most profitable cryptocurrency without requiring an advanced technical setup.

BetterHash was built, deployed, and maintained by Innovative Solutions, an IT firm based in Romania. The software only interacts with the blockchain and mining machines and has neither access to nor store user personal information. BetterHash works best for any 64-Bit Windows and is unavailable for macOS.

Does BetterHash enhance mining power? Yes. Here are some advantages of BetterHash


  • User-friendly interface: BetterHash is quite simple to use. Simply download, install, and run the application. You don’t need to configure any parameter.
  • Intuitive control: BetterHash’s algorithm prioritizes mining the most profitable cryptocurrencies at the time. This is an automatic process that requires no input from the user. Intuitive control enhances efficiency and profitability.
  • Low payout fees: The software takes very low fees when it's time to receive mining rewards.
  • No downtime: BetterHash is designed to work with various mining machines under various conditions. The software is constantly maintained to prevent downtime.
  • Enhanced mining performance: mining performance is enhanced through intuitive performance and control. All resources are channeled productively.
  • Decent documentation available online: users get clear and regular updates on the mining process with a dedicated page showing the monthly profits in BTC and USD.

How to Use BetterHash?

You can calculate your mining profitability by choosing your hardware from the list provided under the “Hardware” button on the homepage. If your hardware is not listed there, there’s no chance of using the BetterHash software. The company recommends using better hardware for maximum performance and profits.

What is BetterHash mining?

BetterHash has an easy-to-use interface; the software requires no technical knowledge from installation. Simply download the software from the website and install it. BetterHash recommends that all Windows Defender and antivirus settings be turned off before installation.

After installing the software, you can sign up for an account to handle all transactions. An email address and password are required to sign up on the website. All cryptocurrencies mined are stored in the wallet. The company recommends no heavy gaming, downloading, or other processes when using the software. After installation, the software provides real-time updates of the mining process on a report page. The profits are displayed in the units of the coin being mined in BTC and USD. All reports are indicated, and there’s a support handle available for technical assistance.

BetterHash mining pool

The security features are located under the “Security” button. There, you’ll find the 2FA feature that provides additional account security. You can activate or disable 2FA at any time. Betterhash, however, recommends keeping 2FA on always. If you forget the 2FA code, BetterHash’s support team can help reset it upon verification. You may also run the BetterHash mining software in the background or invisible mode. Check the “Miners Start Hidden” feature under the “Settings” button to activate or disable it. This is another security and usability feature.

There are a variety of cryptocurrencies in the BetterHash mining pool. You can mine one cryptocurrency at a time or choose the Profit Switching feature, which automates intuitive mining. The profit algorithm prioritizes profits. This feature is only activated if there is a significant difference between the profits of cryptocurrencies.

Benchmarking is a required feature for all miners. The software auto-checks the mining machines to determine their compatibility, but users can “force benchmark” their machines to work.

Finally, you can end or pause mining with a single click of the “Stop” button.

Is It Safe to Use Better Hash?

Safety is an important concern for BetterHash Miners based on certain reviews/feedback which suggest that BetterHash does not meet certain security requirements that some users prefer. There are no reports of serious security issues such as data breaches, identity theft, or unauthorized access at BetterHash. There is no evidence to confirm these allegations, but these concerns exist, so you should carefully scrutinize them.

Its biggest selling point is that users need advanced technical knowledge to use the software. Upon installation, the BetterHash software takes over most of the work for configuring processes, so users have less exposure or control over the software. One key area of concern is that the software creates custodial crypto wallets for users who have little control over their funds until they withdraw them.

But BetterHash has taken steps to ensure user-end security through passwords and 2FA. The users entirely control passwords. You can change your password anytime and even reset it upon verification. 2FA involves receiving a one-time password (OTP) via the Google Authenticator app from another device (a mobile smartphone) within 30 seconds. 2FA provides security for gaining access to the software, making certain changes, and withdrawing. Only someone with access to the 2FA code can gain access.

Another security concern may arise from Windows Defender and antivirus programs which mark cryptocurrency mining software as malicious. This is a false positive, as most authentic crypto mining programs are safe and do not harm systems. You should be aware of this before installing the software. Disable your antivirus temporarily and add the BetterHash data mining software to your antivirus safelist, a feature that removes installation limitations.

What Currencies Can I Mine On BetterHash?

Mining flexibility is one of the advantages when you are using Betterhash. The software mines nine different cryptocurrencies. These are Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Ethereum (ETH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Grin Coin (GRIN), Monero (XMR), RavenCoin (RVN), Zcash (ZEC), ZCoin (XZC).

These coins are commonly mined cryptocurrencies across CPU, GPU, and ASIC machines. BetterHash’s flexibility ensures that you can mine any crypto asset in the list without special configuration or technical setup. Although the mining algorithms differ, BetterHash integrates with those blockchains to ensure stable and efficient mining. For BTC, which requires a much more powerful processor (ASIC), you may have to mine other coins (altcoins) using GPUs to get the best profits and then convert the coins to BTC.

BetterHash is particularly suited for crypto host mining services and helps achieve stability, low maintenance, and efficient mining. You can also use the software for your home ming rigs.

Why Choose BetterHash

The BetterHash protocol is a great choice based on four key advantages: computational power, user-friendly interface, cost and fees, and updates.

BetterHash allows you to mine cryptocurrencies from your computer using a CPU or GPU without extra setups. You can increase the mining rewards by increasing your machine units or getting ASIC miners, but the flexibility of mining allows you to earn from the profitable coins at any time. You do not need to boost the mining power before making profits.

The user-friendly interface allows simple, fast, and easy installation and setup. Following on-screen prompts, you can go from downloading to mining within a few minutes. Beginners and pros alike will find BetterHash easy to use without technical difficulties. The withdrawal fees are low, and the software is free to use. You don’t have to pay to use the software or other hidden fees. Regular updates ensure stability, no downtime, and high-performance mining. All these make BetterHash better for mining and making profits.

BetterHash has more advantages than other mining software, such as NiceHash, and those advantages could be the key to your choice.


BetterHash integrates with Bitcoin mining machines such as ASICs, CPUs, and GPUs. It connects machines to blockchains or proof-of-work mining. BetterHash does not collect data from other applications.
BetterHash provides on-screen prompts and guides to help you install the software and start mining without having any technical knowledge. A support team will also guide you if you need further assistance.
BetterHash supports small private miners who use CPUs and GPUs and large data centers for hosted mining firms. Anyone and everyone can use Betterhash to mine cryptocurrencies without having prior technical knowledge.
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