How to Get Bitcoins For Free


Many crypto users know there are several ways to get Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but they mostly explore options such as buying through exchanges and mining. But there are different answers to how to earn Bitcoins that don’t involve a starting capital for trading or mining. If you know how to get free Bitcoins instantly, you can accumulate small amounts of Bitcoin until you have a substantial amount for spending.

Many platforms give Bitcoin rewards for performing a wide range of activities, such as playing games, completing tasks, surveys, and verifying information. You can get rewarded in Bitcoin on such platforms without investing money to trade crypto.

This article explores the best ways to get free Bitcoins in 2023 from the comfort of your mobile phone or computer.

Mining Free Bitcoin

Use Automated Crypto Trading Bot

Automated crypto trading bots are programs designed to open and close trades based on predetermined parameters automatically. Automated trading bots are excellent for how to earn free Bitcoin fast without investment. Different companies create several popular crypto trading bots. Examples are Pionex, CryptoHopper, and proprietary trading bots on exchanges like Binance and KuCoin.

Here’s how to set up your auto crypto robot for how to get free Bitcoins:

  1. Visit the trading bot platform and register. Ensure you read the terms and conditions before completing the registration. Check for any profit-sharing formula or specific instructions.
  2. Complete the verification process, beginning with your email or phone number. Most platforms also ask for KYC to comply with AML laws. You can use government-issued IDs for that.
  3. Deposit funds using the provided methods.
  4. Set the parameters for the robot, or use the preset data. Ensure you understand each parameter, setting, and feature before adjusting them.
  5. Run the robot and monitor your trades for sometime to confirm the execution of your trading strategy. Ensure you have a stable internet connection to prevent errors due to poor connection.

This is how to earn free cryptocurrency using crypto trading robots.

Through Tipping Bots on Social Platforms

A tipping bot is the easiest way to earn 1 free bitcoin in 2022. Tipping bots are integrated on social media and websites, allowing users to tip a receiver. Think of it as a program that collects voluntary tips online. There are different tipping bots, but they are all deployed on social media platforms and websites. For example, you can find tipping bots on Twitter, Telegram, and Quora, where content creators can receive tips for their content. Some of them are Tipper, TipJar (Reddit), SpicesBot, LightningBot, and MintBot (Telegram). They typically accept bitcoin and other currencies, which you can exchange for bitcoin. The amount of bitcoin you get depends on your social engagement. To get started on how to earn bitcoin without investment, you can tip and get tipped for engaging or creating content and spreading crypto knowledge.

Through Browsers, Web Apps, and Plugins

You can earn free bitcoin or other crypto using a bitcoin earning app without investment. There are browsers, web-based apps, and plugins mining bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. For browsers, you can use CryptoTab, Brave Browser, and Opera Crypto Browser. You can mine bitcoin on CryptoTab and Opera, but Brave Browser mines its native BAT token, which you can convert to bitcoin. Brave Browser offers BAT tokens as free rewards and payments for viewing native and commercial ads. These browsers are typically fast but require specific processing power to mine crypto in the background. You can also use the desktop and mobile versions to increase your mining rate. You can also use plugins such as WP Monero, Monero Miner Pro, and Simple Monero Miner. Integrate the plugin to your website, and visitors can also use it to mine crypto while you earn free BTC. You can also earn free crypto by playing mining simulation games such as RollerCoin, GoldRush, and Coal Mining Simulator, where you can earn rewards every 5 minutes for completing tasks.

Through Bounty Platforms

You can earn free bitcoins using your technical skills such as coding, software engineering, cybersecurity, and IT maintenance. Bounty platforms, such as BitcoinBounties, Bounty0x, and HackenProof, allow techy users to earn free bitcoins as rewards for performing tasks. These tasks are primarily coding and engineering. If you know how to mine bitcoins for free, you can deploy your skills to earn more bitcoins by contributing to open source projects and the broader crypto ecosystem. It is possible to earn up to 1 BTC for free doing this. You can earn free bitcoin as you program and learn more about projects. Each platform offers bitcoin and bitcoin-related rewards, which you can sometimes convert to bitcoin. You can gradually build your bitcoin portfolio.

Through Learn to Earn Platforms

How to Get Bitcoins For Free

Some websites pay you to learn about cryptocurrency, blockchain, and related concepts such as NFTs. Coinbase, CoinMarketCap, KuCoin, Binance, and Phemex will pay you to learn blockchain and complete short quizzes. Some of these platforms also pay to have partners promote their products, as you remember. To know how to get 1 bitcoin for free or how to earn bitcoins, you can explore these learn-to-earn platforms. The rewards are not always bitcoin, but you can convert them into bitcoin or other cryptos.

By Watching Ads

The ad-sharing revenue model allows consumers to earn from ad revenues. You can get paid in crypto to watch ads. Some popular platforms for this are Moremoney, Brave Browser, and NetKoin. Brands pay publishers to place ads for them, and you get paid in crypto when you watch these ads for a minimum time. Bitcoin and Ethereum are the standard cryptos for payouts. Here's how to earn through bitcoin on ad platforms: register, confirm your account, and then proceed to view ads. You then get paid.

Binance Referral Program

If you are looking at how to get free bitcoins, platforms such as Binance KuCoin, Gate.Io, and Phemex, have referral networks that incentivize crypto affiliate programs. The affiliate model transcends crypto to nearly every industry; you get some commission or other benefits by recommending a service to people. In the affiliate programs, you can refer people to register on the platforms using your unique reference ID. When people register through your ID, you both get 20% worth of any transaction that they make. You can withdraw your affiliate rewards in bitcoin through the P2P platform or trade them for other tokens. You can also earn reward points for discounts when you make transactions. Crypto affiliate works well for free bitcoin cloud mining sites without investment and exchanges.

Play Bitcoin Games

Bitcoin games are popular methods for earning bitcoin without investment. Dozens of free bitcoin earning sites pay you to play games. They are either web-hosted or mobile games and pay BTC micro-rewards for completing game levels. Casino games are the most common bitcoin games, but there are others such as building games, combat games, skill-based games, and quizzes games. THNDR, AlienRun, BitcoinCasino, SatoshiQuiz Show, 7BitCasino, Bitstarz, etc. Here's how to win bitcoins: look for a legit bitcoin gaming platform; you can read reviews and recommendations. Register and activate your account. Start playing and earning bitcoins. Bitcoin games don't pay large amounts of bitcoin, but you can consistently build your bitcoin portfolio. Bitcoin games lower the entry barrier into cryptocurrency.

Through Microtask Platforms

Freelance platforms which pay in crypto are excellent for earning crypto freely. You can earn free bitcoins by completing tasks on websites such as Coinbase, Cointiply, BTCMicroJobs, and Bituro. Some of the tasks are surveys, registration, and sometimes solving captchas. When you do these tasks, you earn small amounts of bitcoin. Some platforms, such as Cointiply, give a 1% daily bonus. If you are wondering how to earn bitcoins on Android, these platforms are available on Android and iOS. How much bitcoin you earn depends on the number of tasks you complete and how much each task pays. This is how to earn 1 bitcoin a day with microtask platforms: find high-paying microtask platforms and complete the registration. Then search for those tasks that pay the highest rewards and complete them.

Cryptocurrency Airdrops

Airdrops are gifts of tokens that are given as promotional rewards for an activity. Airdrops are not strictly for tasks but are given when new tokens are about to launch. New projects seek to break into the crypto scene using airdrops to gain hype and grow their online presence. The tokens are given for free at a lesser price than the proposed launch price, so holders can make profits when they launch. To know how to earn bitcoins free online, you can win airdrops and get valuable coins before they launch. Some popular places to find airdrops are CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, ICOMarks, Airdrops, etc. Find a bitcoin earning app without investment that gives free airdrops that can be converted into bitcoin. You can earn consistently from airdrops to grow your portfolio.

Free Cryptocurrency

Mining Free Bitcoin - Is the Game Worth the Candle?

If you are finding it difficult to know how to earn BTC, you should know that it is possible to earn or mine free bitcoin from different platforms. You can use automated crypto bots and earn through tipping bots, browsers, plugins, or even crypto bounty platforms. You can earn bitcoin as you learn about blockchain, get paid to watch ads, or become a crypto affiliate. If you love games, you can earn bitcoin from bitcoin games or perform other microtasks to earn. Although you might not earn huge amounts of bitcoin at once, it is worth it to mine free bitcoin.

You can also earn bitcoin through bitcoin miner hosting services. Hosted mining provides a great way to make more bitcoin without huge capital and intensive physical work.


They are bitcoins earned without paying or otherwise investing. There are dozens of platforms where you can earn free bitcoin by performing tasks such as surveys, viewing ads, etc.
Yes. Here's how to get bitcoins for free on different platforms: find platforms that give free bitcoin for tasks, airdrop, or rewards, register, and perform tasks to get paid in bitcoin.
The frequency of btc recieved depends on the platform. Some gaming platforms give blocks of BTC rewards every 5 minutes, while other faucets open once in 24 hours per user. You can receive BTC through your preferred crypto wallet or P2P.
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