How to Get Free Ethereum


Cryptocurrencies are valuable today, no doubt. If you could not mine some free Ethereum (ETH) before it launched, you might wonder if it is possible to do so several years later. As a crypto trader or holder, you know that investing in ETH today requires a lot of strategy and effort. But what if you could get some ETH for free? Yes, it is possible to get the coin freely. In this article, you’ll learn how to earn Ethereum for free in five ways. You’ll learn the unique advantages of each method.

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How to get money in Ethereum?

Ethereum is a blockchain developed by Vitalik Buterin and two others, launched on 30 July 2015 as a direct competitor to Bitcoin. Ethereum is an open-source blockchain with smart contract functions aimed at decentralizing finance. The Ethereum blockchain is scalable and provides a platform for NFT and DeFi creators to launch projects and interact with users. Ether (ETH), the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain, is one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies today, second only to Bitcoin by market cap and dominance. Crypto holders can earn Ethereum daily through different ways, ranging from free methods to trading. If you make Ether from online reward sites, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet to receive your earnings, check your wallet balance, and perform transactions. Most reward sites only payout Ether when you reach a certain threshold, but the amount you earn will depend on the number of tasks you complete and the amount of Ether per task. That is how to earn Ether easily without investing.

Ethereum Faucets

A free Etherum faucet is the easiest way to earn Ethereum without investing your money. Faucets are websites or web platforms that reward users for performing actions such as completing captchas, watching ads, or other small tasks. Other internet users who need services, such as increased page views, testing, and reviews, are paid for these tasks. These faucets pay in different ways, including Ether. Ether faucets typically pay small, negligible rewards per task, so you might not make much. You could, however, accumulate rewards until you reach the minimum amount for withdrawal. Examples of faucet sites are:


Thinking of how to get free ethereum? Faucets are excellent for starting. Choose several faucets that allow a few daily work hours to accumulate rewards. Some faucets are fake and will not pay out. Check online for honest reviews before working on any faucet.

Mobile Applications Giving Ethereum

Faucets are not the only method to get free ETH; there are some apps that give crypto rewards for performing various actions, ranging from daily logins to completing easy tasks. Some apps reward you for collecting points once in 24 hours or engage the app via gaming or lotteries. Such apps typically allow anyone to earn free Ethereum at a button. Gaming and casino apps are popular in this category. The rise of play-to-earn (P2E) games enables you to earn ETH easily while enjoying entertaining or educative games. You can also explore apps that reward ETH for inviting your friends or getting invited to use them. These apps are quite different from those that pay for commission-based rewards. Finally, you can earn ETH via free Ethereum mining apps. These apps do not really mine Ethereum in the true sense, but they reward users for running the apps on their mobile devices for a time. The rewards are collected daily and usually reset if the app user misses consecutive days.

Ethereum Airdrops

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Airdrops are generally the best way to get free ETH or other cryptocurrencies. An airdrop is an initial gift of a particular amount of cryptocurrency, usually before a project launches. For example, SuperEX, a crypto exchange, recently launched its token, reaching above $100 on the launch day. Before that, users got airdrops for registering and completing other tasks. There are two types of airdrops; the first is given to wallets submitted to marketing forms, usually after completing some tasks. The tasks involved following the project on social media and sending signup links to people. This method replaced the initial coin offering (ICO) method of raising crypto-project funds through advertising. The second type of airdrop is given to project participants who hold the native token of the project. You can earn free Ethereum through such airdrops by getting a relative amount of ETH for having certain currencies. Thinking of how to get free Ether? Airdrops could be best.

Referral and Affiliate Commissions

The crypto space, like most other industries, is community-dependent. The success of any crypto project often depends on having a strong community. Thus, new and existing projects always seek new members; this is your answer on how to earn free Ethereum. Many projects reward users for referring others to register and use their product or service and may pay in ETH or other rewards that you can convert to ETH. This is not limited to crypto projects; dozens of affiliate programs across various industries exist. But the popular crypto affiliate projects involve referring people to trade on an exchange and then receiving a percentage of their trading amount as commissions. This affiliate percentage differs from one exchange to another. Thinking of how to get Ethereum for free? Consider these:


  • There’s no limit to the number of people you can invite, including friends, families, and colleagues.
  • Unlimited referral commissions
  • It is a reliable method


  • Requirements can be tedious to complete
  • You can only refer one person per with one link

Mining Ethereum

how to get free ethereum

Crypto mining is adding new cryptocurrencies to a blockchain by solving complex equations to verify transaction blocks. Mining is performed by miners who supply computing power; miners get rewarded with cryptocurrency. Mining is complex; only the first miner who successfully verifies the transaction receives the rewards. The mining difficulty determines the successful miners because each miner must provide enough computing power to meet the minimum hash power required by the blockchain. You can learn how to mine for free by joining a mining pool or through ASIC hosting services. Here’s how to get ETH coins through mining:

  • Purchase a GPU for mining
  • Download a mining software
  • Create an Ethereum wallet to store your coins
  • Configure the software and start mining

You can also join a mining pool to start mining ETH. Ethereum mining is a popular way to get coins without buying on an exchange. The only drawdown is that the profitability of crypto mining depends on different factors.

Conclusion: How Profitable is Free Ethereum?

Thinking of how to get free cryptocurrency through the methods detailed in this article? You can go for it but know that the profitability of free ethereum is practically negligible. Yes, you can get free Ethereum by completing specific tasks, referring users, through online crypto faucets or playing games, but you may not get enough to make significant profits. Getting free airdrops is probably the best way to get ETH or other coins before they launch and make profits if the price increases. But airdrops are not always massive, and their value also depends on the market performance of the cryptocurrency. Investing is the best choice for beginners seeking how to make free cryptocurrency profits. You can plan your crypto portfolio by investing small amounts in a mining pool, cloud, or hosted mining service. That way, you can earn free ETH without spending or taking more time. The key to getting free Ethereum is to find the most profitable method and patiently accumulate your profits.


You can get Ether for free through different methods such as crypto faucets, mobile apps, mining, and affiliate commissions. You can combine two or more of these methods to increase the amount of Ether.
There is no timeframe for earning 1 Ether as it varies based on your method and the rewards per task. While theoretically possible, you may experience a different situation when you start earning.
The profitability of free Ether depends on the amount per task, the current price of ETH, and your dedication to completing tasks. However, the rewards are negligible and may be small despite an accumulation.
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