LUNA Crypto Price Prediction


Terra (LUNA) is one of Terra's network native tokens, which Daniel Shin and Do Kwon developed; the other tokens are stablecoins like UST. The project launched in 2018 and has faced several challenges over the years, especially the collapse of the first Terra blockchain. LUNA now runs on a new derivative of the old blockchain. LUNA's price is constantly impacted by the news of the happenings in the Terra network, and if you have some stake in LUNA, you'll want to know the coin's future. This article gives insight into LUNA crypto price prediction, including answers to questions you may have.

LUNA crypto price prediction

Detailed View of LUNA







24H Price Change 


7D Low/ High 

$2.42 / $2.89

1M Low/ High 

$2.02 / $3.08

3M Price Change 

$1.53 / $7.06

All-Time High


All Time Low


Market Cap


Circulating Supply 

127,475,474 LUNA


Terra LUNA 

Terra (LUNA) is a native token on the Terra 2.0 blockchain, launched in 2022 by Terraform Labs. LUNA is important as a governance token to grant voting rights to holders in the Terra community. It is also used for staking in liquidity pools to secure the network and allow transactions to operate smoothly.

Terra blockchain also hosts the UST stablecoin, which is pegged to the US dollar. LUNA operates to ensure the stability of UST price, such that TerraUSD (UST) never depegs from $1. If UST depegs from the one-dollar price, the liquidity pool will convert LUNA to UST to restore its price to $1.

Liquidity providers are rewarded for staking their tokens, and the rewards shared are generated from gas fees, taxes, and so on. The overall goal of Terra is to promote crypto adoption by creating stablecoin versions of fiat currencies. LUNA crypto price prediction today is based on some factors, but most importantly, past price history. LUNA classic crypto price prediction is based on LUNA classic, the older version of Terra.

LUNA Historical Price Chart

Before delving into Terra LUNA crypto price prediction, we'll consider the price history of LUNA since 2021.

TerraClassic (LUNC) rose from $2 in 2021 to almost $20 before it crashed to below $1 in May 2022. Over $2 billion worth of UST tokens were unlocked from liquidity pools on May 7, with more than hundreds of millions sold immediately due to a sharp and continuous fall in UST price.

On May 11, LUNA's price fell below $0.8 before gaining stability above $1, during which it lost more than 95% of its original value as UST struggled to regain its peg.

On May 28, a new Terra coin was launched on a new Terra blockchain, a derivative of the previous. The price of LUNA was $7.9 at its launch, which peaked at $19 on that same day.

However, the coin rapidly fell in price on the launch day; even after reaching a high of $19, LUNA closed at $5.3, a staggering 70% drop from its all-time high. Since then, Terra has been on a continuous downtrend and is now trading at $2.43. 

Although Terra is struggling to enter an uptrend, many still believe that LUNA will pick up momentum again. For many such investors, exploring terra luna crypto price prediction 2022 is important to know the future outlook of the coin.

Rebirth of the Moon

Terra LUNA crypto

Following the crash of Terra in early May 2022, Terra labs released over 40k Bitcoin to restore the price or UST to $1, but all efforts proved unsuccessful. This led to a big crash in the general crypto market as Terra Labs sold off 40,000 BTC to buy UST and stabilize its price. 

However, the UST stablecoin did not hold at its peg, and the crash continued. In addition, Anchor, a lending protocol offering 20% APR for holding UST, contributed to the crash as investors pulled their funds from the protocol.

As LUNA's price plunged and UST remained far below its peg value, many investors began asking for the way forward. The continued demand for a recovery plan led Terra's Co-founder, Do Kwon, to propose a revival plan for Terra. The new plan entailed creating a fork of the Terra blockchain, minting new tokens, and redistributing them to those with the previous token. 

The Terra Governing Council decided to heed Do Kwon's revival plan, and the new Terra blockchain began operations by the last week of May, and the new tokens were airdropped to the respective wallets. The new currency was called Terra (LUNA) 2.0, while the old currency was renamed to be TerraClassic (LUNC). The stablecoins of the previous Terra blockchain, UST, KRT, and EUY, were not added to the new blockchain.

But recovery was far from reality, as huge selling pressure rocked the market, leading to more than 50% drop from its launch price on its first day. Many searches for luna crypto price prediction after crash and alternatives to trading Terra, like getting the best bitcoin miner, popped across the internet as the future of Terra was largely questioned. It's been four months since the crash, and so much to know about what will become of Terra. In the next section, we'll review luna 2.0 crypto price prediction for the next few years.

LUNA Price Forecast































There are more sellers than buyers trading Terra (LUNA), and the token is wading through a bearish market. Although the general crypto market is undergoing a bearish period, many coins are still pumping. LUNA seems stuck at around $2, but many are craving to know the price forecasts for the remainder of 2022. Our luna crypto price prediction 2022 shows that LUNA will likely hit its maximum price of $2.67. The following sections contain our price forecast for LUNA for the next eight years, starting in 2023 through 2030.

LUNA Crypto Price Prediction 2023

Terra (LUNA) price prediction for 2023 suggests the coin will trade between $2.52 and $3.10. If there's no solid bullish movement, LUNA won't break through $3. If there's no bull run this year, there are greater chances that 2023 will be a bull market, and LUNA can leverage it to rise to $3 and beyond.

LUNA Crypto Price Prediction 2024

We expect Terra's lowest price in 2024 to be $2.86, while its all-time high should reach $3.31. We'll reach 2024 in some months, and if a bear market persists till that time, LUNA might not witness an intense bullish momentum to scale its price to $3.5.

LUNA Crypto Price Prediction 2025

Our wrapped luna crypto price prediction for 2025 is that LUNA will hit the $4 mark. LUNA will probably trade between $3.27 and $4.12; on average, Terra's price will be around $3.5. But, the actual price of LUNA can vary based on factors influencing the crypto market, like economic and political factors.

LUNA Crypto Price Prediction 2026

What is LUNA crypto price prediction for 2026? According to our analysis, the minimum and maximum trading values for LUNA in 2026 can be $3.73 and $4.84, respectively. Investors who buy LUNA now will earn a decent return if this prediction is achieved or exceeded. The average price for LUNA in 2026 will be around $4.

LUNA Crypto Price Prediction 2027

Based on our evaluations, Terra may break through to hit the $5 mark, with the minimum price resting at $4.19. The possible maximum price will be around $5.29, and the average price will be around $4.7. LUNA will experience growth but not in a fast-paced manner like other cryptocurrencies like XRP.

LUNA Crypto Price Prediction 2028

Crypto LUNA price prediction for 2028 is quite positive as we believe LUNA will have pushed through the challenges it faced in the previous years. The coin's lowest price will be $4.87, and the coin will likely reach a potentially high price of $6.52. The average trading price of LUNA will lie around $5.6 in 2028.

LUNA Crypto Price Prediction 2029

According to technical analysis, our price forecast for LUNA is the possibility of a continuous uptrend from the previous year. LUNA's minimum price will be $6.89, increasing to a high of $8.42. The average price for LUNA will likely be around $7.3 by 2029.

LUNA Crypto Price Prediction 2030

One frequently asked question among LUNA investors is; will LUNA go back up? Based on our crypto prediction, in the next eight years, LUNA will be trading at an average price of $8.5. The potential minimum and maximum price of Terra will be $7.94 and $9.83, respectively.


May members of the Terra community have positive sentiments toward the future of Terra (LUNA). The development team behind Terra blockchain and the governing body are constantly improving Terra to ensure that investors and devs benefit significantly. Our LUNA Terra crypto price prediction highlights the possibility of LUNA increasing in price in the following years. This prediction also hinges on the fact that the crypto market will do well in the long run. Note that these forecasts are purely theoretical; crypto trading is risky, and we do not claim responsibility for any losses.


LUNA exceeded $100 before it crashed in May; since the crash, it was relaunched on another blockchain before it dipped from its new all-time high of $19 to now trade at around $2. LUNA can reach $100, but the circumstance by which it will happen is very unlikely.
Considering the projected price prediction for LUNA in the coming years, LUNA can be worth investing in. However, it's a more risky investment compared to other crypto coins like Bitcoin.
Many believe LUNA is a good coin because of its utility and profit potential. Terra offers good returns for holders who decide to stake their coins in a liquidity pool. Terra's overall defi service makes it a good option for many investors.
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