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One of the most exciting moments in an investor's life is seeing an investment perform better than expected. Such moments begin with knowing the right asset to invest in, and for crypto investors, it means knowing the next cryptocurrency to explode. Finding the next crypto gem can be difficult; you need to research and analyze to arrive at the best coins with high growth potential, but you need not worry. This article highlights five crypto coins set to yield awesome returns for investors.

next cryptocurrency to explode

5 Cryptocurrencies that will Explode and Grow Next Year

Some crypto coins gain an astounding value each year as their prices rise to 2x, 10x, or even 100x! For instance, if you bought Dogecoin two years ago, you would have gained 3000% on your investment. Finding the next cryptocurrency to explode 2025 comes down to choosing from the most promising crypto projects. Here are five to look out for!

  • Tamadoge (TAMA) - Next NFT Metaverse game Building on the Popular Doge Meme
  • Battle Infinity (IBAT) - Next Best Play2Earn Crypto Game
  • Lucky Block (LBLOCK) - Next Top Crypto Gaming Token
  • DeFi Coins (DEFC) - Next Defi Crypto Gem
  • Crypto Snack (SNACK) - Next iGaming Token to Boom


According to its official website, Tamadoge (TAMA) is redefining blockchain gaming. The game concept is simple; every user in the Tamaverse can mint the doges they want, breed and train them and release them for battle in the gaming arena.

Tamadoge is set to explore the metaverse to create a more immersive experience for the TAMA community. Users will be able to interact with their pets via augmented reality making the play-2-earn game more exciting. There are more reasons why TAMA is the next penny cryptocurrency to explode.

Tamadoge will be listed on the OKX crypto exchange on September 27, but their presale is live. According to their site, they're supported by Amazon Web Services, Ethereum, and blockchain wallets like Metamask and Trustwallet.

Tamadoge is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and its native token, TAMA, will be given as rewards or used to purchase items on the network. The token operates a "no-tax" principle meaning users are not taxed on any of their crypto transactions involving Tamadoge.

Tamadoge was designed to be a meme coin similar to Dogecoin. Unlike DOGE, TAMA is an NFT-based game, and users can earn profits by interacting with their doges in different gaming activities.

With the presale price of TAMA set at about $0.015 and a maximum supply of 2 billion coins, Tamadoge's market capitalization could be worth $30 million when it launches officially in January 2023.

Ticker: TAMA

Maximum Supply: 2 Billion TAMA

Market Capitalization: Nil

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token price in USD: 1 TAMA = 0.015USD

Methods of Purchase: OKX

Lucky Block

next penny cryptocurrency to explode

Many crypto coins can give you a moderate return on your investment, but if your question is, what is the next big cryptocurrency to explode? Then, consider Lucky Block (LBLOCK) because it is the next new cryptocurrency to explode.

Lucky Block was launched in January and is one of the most talked about games in the blockchain gaming world. And there's a good reason why! Lucky Block offers very attractive prizes for competitors who win in different games.

The rewards are impressive, from getting awarded a PS5, a Lamborghini worth $300,000, to receiving one million dollars in bitcoin. And that's why more users are flocking to the gaming platform.

According to Lucky Block, there's a reward for everyone; as long as you own a Lucky Block NFT, you get access to participate in various games and emerge a winner if you're good or lucky enough!

LBLOCK token was released in the first quarter of the year, and it did over 3000% increase from its presale price. This incentive system is a unique approach to getting new users. In addition, people that hold LBLOCK tokens will get a 19% return on investment, another way to reward users. Starting from September 30, Lucky Block will initiate a 1% percent monthly burn to reduce supply; and this could lead to the value of the LBLOCK tokens rising.

LBLOCK was listed on Pancakeswap as a tax-free token, allowing users to buy and sell the token without incurring additional charges.

Ticker: LBLOCK

Max Supply: 100 billion LBLOCK

Market Capitalization: $14,000,000

Blockchain: Ethereum

Token Price: $0.00035

Method of Purchase: Pancakeswap

DeFi Coin

Decentralized finance (Defi) is a booming part of the crypto ecosystem. With defi protocols, you can stake your coins and earn an annual percentage yield (APR) on platforms like Binance and Pancakeswap, and you can lend or borrow funds using defi apps like Compound and Aave. These defi apps and tokens are doing moderately well, but the focus here is to know what will be the next cryptocurrency to explode in the defi space.

DeFi Coin (DEFC) is the crypto coin to look out for with good growth potential. DEFC is the native token of the Defi Swap exchange that offers financial services like staking, farming, and token swapping. The growth of DeFi Coin is influenced by the volume of transactions ongoing on the exchange. While you might be skeptical about investing in this token because of this interrelation, Defi Swap is regarded as one of the best defi exchanges launched earlier this year.

Defi Swap charges a 10% tax on every transaction involving buying and selling Defi Coin, from which 50% is distributed to DEFC token holders as a reward. This reduces the coin's volatility and acts as a source of passive income for the Defi Coin community, making it the next cryptocurrency to explode in 2023.

Ticker: DEFC

Blockchain: Binance Smart chain

Market Capitalization: $900,000

Max Supply: 1 billion DEFC

Token Price: $0.0774

Method of Purchase: BitMart, Pancakeswap, Defi Swap

Crypto Snack

Crypto Snack (SNACK) is the next cheap cryptocurrency to explode. It is an iGaming platform built on the Binance Smart chain that offers one of the cheapest and fastest transactions in blockchain gaming. SNACK is the native token of the crypto snack brand, and it comes in three different brands; the Snack token, Green Snack, and Snack Gaming.

The snack token is the gaming token of the platform and is used by more than 300 iGaming operators. The Green Snack represents 10% of the entire Crypto Snack tokens that are used to fight climate change. And the crypto snack brand represents the aspect of the token used for community decision-making as a governance token.

One of the reasons fans love Crypto Snack is how it supports football clubs and partners with businesses as a crypto gaming partner. Crypto Snack is a fast-growing blockchain gaming platform and has recently gotten a $50 million investment from GEM Digital Limited.


SNACK is becoming increasingly popular as it is accepted as a payment method in over 700 online businesses, including 300 casino and betting providers. Crypto snack is the leading decentralized gaming token and may experience wild growth in the following months following the realization of the milestones in the company's roadmap.

Ticker: SNACK

Max Supply: 10 billion SNACK

Blockchain: Binance Smart chain

Market Capitalization: Nil

Token Price: $0.008091

Method of Purchase: Pancakeswap and XT.COM

Battle Infinity

Many blockchain games like Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, and others have made waves in the crypto gaming space. Investors who bought these coins in their early days have made tremendous profits on their investments. But what's the next cryptocurrency to explode in the NFT gaming space?

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is the next big cryptocurrency to explode and one you should consider if you're a big Gamefi tokens fan. Battle Infinity is built to provide an immersive gaming experience in the metaverse. It is futuristic and helps players make passive income through its P2E gaming features.

IBAT is the native token of Battle Infinity, and it operates on the Binance Smart chain blockchain. Users can earn IBAT tokens by staking some tokens to provide liquidity to the platform or trading NFTs. The unique point of the game is its sports league simulation and how users that create winning teams are rewarded.

Battle Infinity is not just a good buy because it's a fantastic play-2-earn game; it's also one of the best coins in the metaverse niche. This is because it has its Battle Arena in the metaverse providing a virtual fantasy world. Users can craft unique avatars, purchase virtual lands and interact with others. In addition, users can generate a passive income stream by selling the lands when they appreciate in price or by running ads.

Ticker: IBAT

Max Supply: 10 billion IBAT

Blockchain: Binance Smart chain

Token Price: $0.003269

Market Capitalization: $9.8 million

Method of Purchase: Pancakeswap and LBank


In this article, we've answered the question; what is the next cryptocurrency to explode? The coins highlighted in this article have shown qualities that qualify them to this list. They have good utility, a strong community and fan base, good partnerships, and potential for explosive growth. So, if you want to invest in the next cryptocurrency to explode 2023, get started by exploring the official sites of these cryptos. If investing directly into a token does not sound great, consider generating passive income from hosting for bitcoin mining.


Some cryptocurrencies with a huge potential to increase astronomical include Tamadoge, Battle Infinity, Crypto Snack, Defi Coin, and Lucky Block.
While some of the tokens listed above have immense potential to yield good investment returns, many factors determine if they will explode in 2025. However, they retain the potential to remain a high-performing coin.
The most-supported cryptocurrency globally is Bitcoin. Many veteran investors like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk believe in the future of Bitcoin. It currently has the biggest market capitalization; hence it is the most valuable and has the best future.
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