BSCScan - What is It and How to Use It?


Blockchain technology features transparency and immutability. Blockchains rely on computer nodes on the network having exact copies of the same information, which is publicly accessible to anyone with access to view them. This is crucial to identifying and independently verifying transactions on any blockchain. What is BSCScan? BSCSCan is a public block explorer specific to the Binance blockchain, BNB Smart Chain (BSC). BSCScan shows all transactions, blocks, addresses, and metrics related to the BNB Smart Chain, including information for cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and NFTs.

What is BSCScan

BSCScan, also called BSC scanner, is an important tool for visualizing on-chain metrics, verifying transactions using the transaction ID, and locating transactions instantly. With BSCScan, the BNB Chain integrity and transparency are maintained at a high level.

In this article, you’ll learn about BSCScan, from its history to develop and its functional features. You’ll also learn how the BSCScan benefits traders and how you can use the tool.

What is BSCScan?

A blockchain explorer is a tool that displays publicly available information in one place, allowing users to access such information easily and directly. The BSCscan is a Binance Smart Chain block explorer designed specifically for the blockchain. This means users won’t find information about non-BScan cryptocurrency or tokens.

The BSCScan was developed by the same team of developers that designed Etherscan, the block explorer of the Ethereum Network. The BSC started well and has since developed into one of the fastest blockchains today (for context, Ethereum transactions take an average of 14 seconds, but BSC transactions take 3 seconds).

It became important to have a block explorer for users needing specific on-chain information, and that’s how BSCScan was developed. BSCscan is also an analytical tool for crypto traders. Some of the features found on BSCscan are:

  • Checking transactions and transaction status
  • Viewing the latest transaction blocks as they are added to the blockchain
  • Viewing balance and transaction information of wallet addresses
  • Finding and exploring smart contracts deployed on the BSC
  • Find specific information on tokens and cryptocurrencies deployed on BSC
  • Viewing on-chain metrics such as volume, gas price, and yield farms.

The benefits of using bacscan crypto include:

  • Access to on-chain metrics for analysis
  • Transparency
  • Tracing and varying transactions
  • Getting technical information about crypto projects.

BSCscan is useful to traders, creators, and investors in the crypto space.

How to Use BscScan

On the BSCscan website, users can find specific and detailed information about a transaction, transaction blocks, or crypto wallets on the BSC blockchain. This is possible through the transaction's specific wallet address, transaction hash, or block number. Entering the corresponding transaction hash or address in the search bar on the website will return information such as the time stamp, amount of tokens transferred, and the addresses of the recipient and sender. Traders can also connect their compatible wallets to the website to view their balances and monitor transactions right from their wallets.

BSC scanner

Blockchain activities are important to blockchains' growth, stability, and development. But traders also consider blockchain activity when analysing the performance of any token. The BNBscan tool also allows users to access blockchain information, such as the latest transaction block, size, and the price and market cap of the BNB token. These are useful for trading analysis and investors who often use the information when considering investing in BNB and other tokens.

BSCscan also provides charts and charting tools for traders to analyze on-chain metrics for the Binance Smart Chain. So, for example, traders have access to charts showing the historical transaction blocks, GWEI gas prices, and the distribution of tokens held on the BSC blockchain. The charts also show the voting power of BNB holders on the network.

The usefulness of the BSC scan crypto tool is best illustrated by the number of daily visits to the website; over 9 million users visit the website monthly for various reasons, ranging from transaction confirmation, tracking tokens, and monitoring on-chain metrics.

Tips and Tricks for Using BscScan

When using the BCS scan or BSC tracker tool, traders often try to get the best from it, but the need to gain more knowledge of and navigate the website may be limited. Here are some tips to get the best from BSCscan:

  1. Maximize the benefits:

    Traders can use many tools and features on BSCscan for various purposes, from checking their transactions to on-chain metrics. These tools may overwhelm new users but becomes easier to use and help traders become more productive. Explore all available tools and become proficient with them to maximize usage.

  2. Use best practices:

    Follow best practices for the BSCscan platform to get the best. Use the appropriate feature and tools to check specific information on the BSC blockchain. Ensure to bookmark pages you regularly visit, track your favourite tokens and on-chain metrics, and verify transactions.

  3. Avoid common mistakes and errors:

    Some common mistakes to avoid are visiting unverified links, partaking in suspicious/scam projects, sharing or exposing your private keys online, and generally needing to be more careful with your wallet security. You should also not rely solely on BSCscan for certain information, such as token prices or wallet balances. This is because network glitches may cause misinformation, and if you don’t check other platforms, your analysis may be based on the wrong data.

  4. Learn the platform:

    The BSCscan crypto platform provides a wide range of tools; you should take your time to gradually learn how it works and how to navigate the sections and interact with the BSC blockchain. You can find more information online using guides like this.

How Do I Find Transactions On BSCScan?

You can use the bacscan, or BSC contract checker, to find transactions on the BSC blockchain. To do this:

  1. Open your browser on your mobile device or computer and visit the website ( Once the website loads, check that you are on the right website and not on a clone website. Check the address bar's secure server button and the bottom-left corner for wallet connection options.
  2. Enter the address bar and paste the transaction hash or wallet address you want to check. The search bar is located at the top of the page.
  3. Click the “Search” button to begin the search.
  4. The website will load the result page, showing the general information about the transaction or wallet. You can load detailed information by clicking the transaction hash or wallet address. Once you do that, the website loads up the page, where you’ll find specific information such as timestamp, transaction status, gas fees, and block number.
  5. Whether viewing general transactions or transactions on a specific wallet, you can filter the transactions according to the types, dates, and blocks. These are available under the “Advanced search” feature.
  6. You can also connect your compatible crypto wallet to the BSCscan website and access it directly from your wallet. The procedure is slightly different for mobile and desktop wallets, but either platform gives the same result and offers access to the platform.

What is BSCscan in relation to checking transaction status? The platform allows users to check transaction status, parameters, and wallet balances on the BSC blockchain. Builders can even use the BSC scan API for their projects to integrate real-time checking. If you rent crypto mining server, for example, the BSCscan API is useful for tracking on-chain metrics to determine activities.

BSC tracker

Final thoughts for using BscScan effectively

What is a BSCscan? The bscan crypto platform allows traders and just about anyone to check the status of transactions, parameters, wallet balances, and sender and recipient addresses on the BSC blockchain. This is possible using a transaction hash or wallet address. The BSCacan tool gives traders access to information useful for analyzing blockchain activities and crypto prices.

Although the tool is effective, traders must avoid common errors such as exposing their private keys, clicking phishing links, and relying solely on the tool for market data. Best practices to follow include bookmarking regularly-used pages and verifying transactions.

BSCscan is widely used, considering the popularity of the BSC blockchain. It s an important data source for analyzing cryptocurrencies and a useful tool for traders. Ensure you combine BSCscan with other sources for better results.


Yes, you can. BSCscan is a tool for checking and tracking transactions and wallet balances on the BSC blockchain. You can also find other information, such as the timestamp of transactions and blocks.
BSCscan is updated once new transaction blocks are formed. This is almost instantly but takes at least three or four seconds. This is because BSC transactions take three seconds to complete.
As a block scanner, BSCscan is specific to the BSC blockchain and is free for all users. Users do not even have to register on the website to use the features.
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