The Largest Legal Mining Compound in Russia


Turnkey hosting

Not a cloud. Not a pool. We procure the hardware,
install and set it up. In case of breakdowns we repair it
right on the spot.


Huge power capacities

150 Megawatt.
Suitable for about 145,000–155,000 devices.


The largest mining complex in Russia

5 large mining compounds.
Total territory of 5,500 m2.


Legal and stable mining

We work within a legal framework.


map map

Our mining compounds are located in the cities of: Bratsk, Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk Average annual temperature –2°C

These climate conditions allow us to use highly effective heat transfer and cooling system for the miners and ultimately reduce hosting expenses on 80%.

Power Sources

In our mining facilities we use the best equipment you can find — miners supplied directly from the best manufacturers in China. To show the best results at the highest hashrate we provide our equipment with the best service ever.

We get it directly from the hundreds of thousands of m3 of water from the Angara river which drains the lake Baikal – the largest freshwater lake in the world.

tgt The whole project relies on hydroelectric power stations — a renewable energy source.

Trusted Reliable Partner

Reliable partner and power supplier — Bratsk Electric Grid Company, JSC (BEGC) — one of the largest in the Irkutsk region.



Established in 1976

34 973 Electrical facilities 1648 Transformer substations
Agreement 4720 км Power lines length 1265 МВА Transformer substations rating
Main power sources Bratsk HPS 4500 MW Irkutsk HPS 662.4 MW
Ust-Ilimsk HPS 3840 MW


Established in 1976

34 973 Electrical facilities 1648 Transformer substations
4720 км Power lines length 1265 МВА Transformer substations rating
Main power sources
Bratsk HPS 4500 MW Irkutsk HPS 662.4 MW
Ust-Ilimsk HPS 3840 MW

Supplies millions of business and people in the Irkutsk region with electricity for more than 42 years. 3 powerful high-pressure hydroelectric power plants — the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station, the Irkutsk HPS and the Ust-Ilimsk HPS that are located on the Angara river.

Why Minery?

Buy bitcoin on an exchange

$ 10 471

Mine bitcoin with Minery

$ 2900

Minery is a turnkey mining solution: we procure the hardware, install and set it up. In case of breakdowns we repair it right on the spot.

What we offer

We offer you to invest in cryptocurrency mining and to mine coins on unprecedentedly favourable terms.

Example of turnkey hosting expenses
Antminer S9
per month
Antminer L3+
per month
Antminer E3
per month
per month
Antminer Z9 mini
per month
Bitfury B8
per month

Minery clients don’t pay mining fees on cryptocurrencies, except service and electricity charges. You keep 100% of all your mined coins. You can also mine popular currencies other than Bitcoin: ETH, ETC, LTC, DASH, ZEC, XMR.

Minery news

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Ilya Bruman



Plekhanov Russian University of Economics – finance & credit; London Metropolitan University - MBA Finance.

20 years of business practice (finance, investments, HoReCa, IT).

Product development strategy. Financial management. Interaction with key partners.


Alexey Paikin

Managing Partner


Lomonosov MSU Business School (MA, management). Russian Foreign Trade Academy (BA, management).

10 years of strategic management & marketing practice, IT project management.

Business Development, Operational management, Roadmap performance.


Kirill Sorokin



Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, Financial and Technological Academy.

15 years of experience in financial institutions, system integrators, telecommunications companies.

Engineering networks, monitoring systems, server infrastructure, telecommunications, info protection, system integration.


Ivan Ivanov

Chief Operating Officer


Lomonosov Moscow State University, bachelor of management.

10 years of project management with a focus on technical support.

All stages of project implementation, technical equipment, elaboration and writing of technical tasks, estimates, control of contractors.


Sergey Starchenko

Chief Supply & Logistics Officer


Plekhanov Russian University of Economics – Finance and Credit
Middlesex University London - MA Money, Banking and Finance

Almost 20 years of financial and strategic business management (construction, supply, sales, etc.)

Supply of mining and other equipment, logistics


Andrey Kravtsov

Head of Design


Yaroslavl Technical University.

13 years of experience: Designing structure of web and mobile product interface.

Decomposition and delegation of tasks for the designers. Design of sites and mobile applications. Screen typography, interface syntax, text and communication design.


Konstantin Lebedev

Development Lead


Yaroslavl Technical University.

13 years — Fullstack experience programmer, architect.

Building technical architecture. Organization of work of the project team. Frontend: developing the client part, supporting and refactoring the project, optimizing and increasing performance, finding and implementing new solutions and technologies.


Natalia Prachuk

Marketing Director


V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University.

17 years in marketing, promotion of projects in digital.

Marketing strategy. Management of integrated marketing communications.


Ekaterina Kifa

PR & Communication


Odessa University of Economics.

10+ years of experience in PR and brand communication, media relations, content, media activity, event marketing.

PR support of the project, creation of content and communication with the media (blockchain / IT).

Board members


Alexander Shulgin

Gruppa Kompaniy Familia
Chairman of the board

Alexander is unique multi awarded Russian Siberian composer with more than fifty N1 hit songs, who successfully combines creative work with business. He effectively manages GRUPPA KOMPANIY FAMILIA, which specializes in investments in the Blockchain, new media, publishing, and entertainment industries. He is one of the world's leading experts in such areas as the transformation of the world economy, the creative economy, Blockchain technology and the MES sector (media, entertainment and sports). He is a respected expert in the crypto world, investing in many leading companies in this industry, such as Bitfury, DotBlockchainMedia etc. Alexander advises many crypto companies, ICOs, ITOs and regulators Alexander is a member of the Expert Council under the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation (oblast responsibilities - IT and digital economy) Awarded the Order of the Medal "Professionalism and Business Reputation."


Sergey Kabaev

General Director of JSC "Bratsk Electric Grid Company", PhD in economics

Member of the board

JSC "Bratsk Electric Grid Company” has been supplying the Irkutsk region with electricity for more than 42 years. It is one of the largest in the region, where there are powerful high-pressure hydroelectric power plants – the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station, the Irkutsk HPS and the Ust-Ilimsk HPS.

Minery Advisors


Masazumi Robert Kondo

Born in San Francisco, lived in London and Tokyo. Investor and Entrepreneur. Investing in media, IT, e-commerce, supercomputer, AI, DRAM, crypto mining businesses.

Financial background: The Industrial Bank of Japan

-Graduated Cornell University Johnson School (MBA)
-Graduated Keio University (Economics)


John Lee

eSports and video games executive and board member. He is a Board Director for Kinguin, Europe's largest online games marketplace and on the Advisory Board for KuuHubb, a Helsinki based publicly listed mobile games publisher, and also sits on multiple private technology company boards.

Prior executive roles include Executive Chairman for Asia, ESL, the largest eSports league in the world, Chief Strategy Officer for Zenimax Media Asia Ltd., a private equity holding company focused on the video games and entertainment space, and Chief Strategy Officer for Gigamedia Ltd., the first Singaporean company to list on the NASDAQ exchange in early 2000. Earlier in his career, he was a investment associate at Softbank Venture Capital and a management consultant at McKinsey & Company in their Singapore and Seoul offices.

He is also a active blockchain investor since 2014, beginning with his first investment and directorship position with the first generation blockchain payments company, GoCoin in 2014.

John has a degree in business administration and economics from New York University.

Minery Ambassadors


Sam Chi

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a Business Administration undergraduate degree / MBA degrees and working in the accounting sector and Price Waterhouse and financial sector at J.P. Morgan, Sam Chi started off strong with his first project being the seminal and critically acclaimed Old Boy.

Since then, Mr. Chi has invested in and produced more than 20 movies globally and currently has five more in production. Recently, Sam partnered up with Korea’s top producer J.D. Han to form Korea’s hottest production company. Sam diversified his entertainment world by teaming up with Simon Fuller (Producer of American Idol) to create truly the first Global Band named Now United. Sam also went big in Hollywood by teaming up with Michael Bay (Transformers) by creating a grahpic novel IP company named 451 Media.

Now, Sam has ventured into Blockchain Technology, covering diverse projects in mining chip and mining machine productions, operation of mining machines, arbitrage trading, management, ICOs, listing in exchanges, to overall consulting of Crypto Space.


Mayenzeke Baza

Head Of Distribution & Financing at AAA Entertainment a film and television distribution and financing company based out of Johannesburg, Los Angeles and Lagos. His work pushes innovation in both production, sales and distribution across South Africa, the continent, and the world, from TV and cinema to new mobile content

Minery Mentors


Emilio Eva

Full-time entrepreneur, restless and avid learner for future technology.
Business manager, astronomer and inventor, always looking to employ and leverage the latest technology to positively impact people in Latin America. Be it in organizing the high impact conference of Volcano Innovation Summit in Guatemala to connect latin countries with the rest of the world, building educational platforms through astronomy observatories or using artificial intelligence to further provide value to export services in the region. Always prepared to take on new projects in the continent, knowledge and readiness will do the difference for a successful venture.