Frequently Asked Questions about Minery

  • We have a unique mining insurance offer to protect you from unexpected profit losses.
  • Our mining center is located in a cool region, which helps extend the lifetime of the mining equipment and increase the cost-efficiency of our mining operations.
  • We have certified engineers who can maintain your mining equipment in workable condition and repair it fast in case of mechanical breakdowns.
  • The Bratsk hydroelectric power plant makes electricity very cost-efficient, reliable and environmentally friendly.
  • We procure ASICs from Bitmain at wholesale prices, allowing you to buy them at lower prices than what the retail market offers.

In case of unexpected hash rate drops, will compensate the loss of your hash rate to the expected level of hash rate provided by your mining equipment at 100% uptime, depending on the type and quantity of your mining equipment. The insurance costs will be expended from the mining profit generated in that period.
We maintain daily billing cycle and the mined currency instantly available for withdrawal upon completion of the process. You can withdraw your BTC manually at any time.

There are several major factors that have been affecting the Bitcoin price in the recent years. Some of them make the price grow, the others push it down.

Positive factors:

  • Overheated stock market demands new strategies for risk mitigations.
  • Increased inflationary risks due to excessive money printing.
  • Growing interest from high-net-worth investors towards Bitcoin as a hedge asset.

Negative factors:

  • Fast economic recovery form the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Lack of interest towards Bitcoin from high-net-worth investors in a strong economy.

Your profits will depend on several factors, most important are:

  • combined sustainable hash rate your mining equipment delivers
  • mining difficulty that depends on total hash rate of Bitcoin network 
  • Bitcoin price
  • rate of Bitcoin transaction fees
  • operational costs (electricity, cooling, repair, other expenses)

Yes, you are. Please contact us to discuss individual conditions.

While we store the mined BTC, its safe storage is our responsibility and priority. When you withdraw your BTC, you can use the best practices for safe BTC storage.

Our energy is sourced from the Bratsk hydroelectric power plant. The entire electric generation is environmentally friendly, carbon free and 100% renewable. The proximity of the power source and excessive power generation guarantees very cost-efficient electricity.

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