Honeyminer is a cryptocurrency mining software for blockchain mining nodes.

What is Honeyminer?

Honeyminer is a mining software for cryptocurrencies. Honeyminer allows crypto miners to receive rewards for validating blockchain transactions using mining machines. The software works for other cryptocurrencies besides Bitcoin.

The Honeyminer software is easily downloaded and installed and does not require special technical skills to configure. A configuration file is available on the website and can be downloaded with the software.


  • It works only with CPU and GPU machines and is not compatible with ASICs.
  • Autoswitch feature that moves from one cryptocurrency to another automatically. This takes place every ten minutes to maximize the mining operation.
  • Auto analysis and selection of the most profitable cryptos to mine based on market prices, network conditions, and mining difficulty.
  • Mining pools for PC and laptop users to receive mining rewards via pooled hash rates.
  • Industry-grade security standards include 2FA and anti-malicious login.
  • Mining rewards are held in cold storage and can be converted into Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

What Devices Use Honeyminer

Honeyminer is popular because solo miners and mining firms can easily use desktops and laptops to mine. This significantly reduces electricity, cooling, and operational costs, making solo mining more profitable and accessible.

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