What Is Mainnet

A crypto manner is a standalone blockchain running its network of computer nodes, technologies, protocols, and tokens, instead of running on another blockchain. Mainnet crypto refers to the main network of a blockchain as against the test network (testnet), which is used to deploy and test functionalities before the mainnet is published.

How is a Blockchain Network Built?

New independent blockchain networks are usually separate from existing blockchains and not built as second-layer solutions or forks. When building a new blockchain, the developers may first deploy its features on an existing blockchain to test functionalities, identify bugs, and design and implement other features to make the blockchain work. Such test blockchains are called testnets and have every feature of the new blockchain.

Some of the features tested are creating addresses, sending and receiving test tokens, and staking tokens on the blockchain yield programs. Many blockchains offer rewards for testnet users, typically in the form of airdrops given after the blockchain goes live.

A mainnet crypto may also include the presale of its tokens or ICOs using ERC-20-compatible tokens available on the Ethereum blockchain. In this case, the mainnet cryptocurrencies are exchanged for the equivalent ERC-20 token after launch, and the latter is completely burned to leave only the native token of the new blockchain. A mainnet cryptocurrency token goes live when the presale ends, and the mainnet starts transferring tokens.

Examples of recent mainnets are the CORE and Pi mainnets. The mainnet meaning includes the independent blockchain network with its standalone technologies and protocols. Though the testnet may be deployed on an existing blockchain, full migration occurs shortly before launch, and all users can spend or use the native token on the new mainnet.

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