What Is a Rekt

Rekt is a crypto slang word used to express a massive loss in trading or investment. It is the slang variant of the word "wrecked." The word was first recorded between 2010 and 2015 as a phonetic variant of "wrecked."

Rekt became popular in the crypto community along with other terms like hodling and dump. Rekt is used to guide new and inexperienced traders on the risks of trading.

Rekt meaning may also apply to a cryptocurrency, token, or project that suddenly diminishes in value, often throwing the investors in massive loss. Rekt diminishes the value of a crypto portfolio usually beyond recovery.

Example of Rekt in Crypto

Rekt in cryptocurrency often refers to a person that has been rekt (wrecked) by holding a risky trading position, and can also refer to the situation of being wrecked.

For example, if a trader enters a long position on a coin that's at its peak and the price drops by half, the trader may be rekt depending on the trading capital.

If the trader enters the position with half or more than half of his capital, he becomes rekt if the coin's price dips below the price at which he entered.

The trader can be said to get rekt on the coin. The coin can also be referred to as a rekt coin.

Rekt Vs Bagholding

Rekt traders may decide to hold the rekt coin without selling to minimize profit. They do so in the hope that the coin will recover its previous price levels and become profitable.

This is called bagholding. Bagholder are rekt but decide to hold on instead of selling to cut their losses.

Hodlers are similar to bagholders except that hodlers except that they hold coins to wade through short-term market fluctuations as against the massive drop in the case of rekt coins.

Although bagholders keep their coins, rekt coins don't always recover on the market due to many reasons. The price of a coin is determined by the market cap. and the circulating supply.

If buyers do not move strongly, a rekt coin may never regain its value and that's mostly the case because traders are sentimental, only entering positions driven by fear or greed.

Rekt coins that recover may be triffl

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