Whatsminer M30S+ 100T

Whatsminer M30S+ 100T
  • Algorithm – SHA-256
  • Hashrate – 100TH/s
  • Wattage – 3400 Watt
  • Cooling – 2 fans
  • Operating temperature – 0..40 °C
  • Weight — 12.5 kg


Whatsminer M30S+ 100T by MicroBT is designed as an ASIC BTC miner machine and operates with a hashrate of 100 terahash per second. It runs on a maximum power level of 3400W and energy consumption of 34J. Since its release in 2020, it remains a good option to buy Whatsminer M30S 100t because of its potential for profitable mining.

Advantages of Whatsminer M30S 100T

Here are the advantages you get when you buy Whatsminer M30S + 100T.

  • It has a huge hashing power of 100TH/s, increasing to 105TH/s under optimal conditions.
  • It works with great performance and is very profitable for mining
  • It has an energy consumption of 31J per terahash, making it more energy-efficient than the S19 series.

Specifications Whatsminer M30S 100T

Mined coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash

Manufacturer: MicroBT

Energy consumption: 12V

Noise level: 75db

Interface: Ethernet

Humidity: 5-90%

Strength/Power: 3400W

Number of chips: 444

Whatsminer M30S 100T Profitability

Whatsminer M30S+ 100T is one of the top-rated ASIC miners used for mining coins based on the SHA-256 algorithm. It was developed by the China company, MicroBT based in Shenzhen.

The Whatsminer M30S+ profitability has been consistent for over two years since its release in 2020. With a hashrate of 100 terahash per second, Whatsminer M30S+100T is a standard miner with great profit potential.

Whatsminer M30S+ 100T is estimated to generate a return of $3-$5 per day on energy consumption of 0.1kW/h. The profit varies depending on the trading price of Bitcoin. Whatsminer M30S+ 100T is used to mine Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin Cash (LCC), Peercoin (PPC), and other coins built on the SHA-256 algorithm.

It's a close rival with the Bitmain Antminers S19 series but with slightly higher energy efficiency. Overall, Whatsminer profitability makes it relevant for mining Bitcoin through the cryptocurrency website hosting method.

Note: All calculations presented are estimated for informational purposes and are subject to change.

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