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asic miner repair

Repair of any complexity and volume

We have been working since 2020. Successfully repaired over 2,000 customer devices hosted in Minery data centers.

asic repair center
asic miner repairs

Resent equipment

Our Service Centers are equipped with the latest technological equipment, allowing us to effectively perform ASIC Miners’ diagnostics and repairs of any complexity. The reliability of our work is highly applauded by our customers at the company’s data centers.

Orders from any regions

We accept orders from any region with delivery by transport companies.

asic miner repair service
mining repair specialist

Certified Masters

Our engineers have been specially trained and certified by equipment manufacturers: MicroBT and Bitmain certificates.

Offering professional repairs of

crypto miner repair

Bitmain Antminer


crypto miner repair

Our advantages

Crystal-clear terms of service

we run diagnostics and estimate the cost of work and components

Pay for results

You only pay for what we’ve repaired, and only at previously agreed prices

Repair quality control

Repaired devices get tested before being returned to their owners

Corporate services

You only pay for what we’ve repaired, and only at previously agreed prices

Stages of the repair process

  • 01
    Consultation with a Service Center’s specialist and signing a Technical Assistance Support Services Agreement
  • 02
    The Center’s specialist performs diagnostics of the customer’s equipment and defines malfunctions
  • 03
    The Center’s specialist clears the repair terms and costs with the customer
  • 04
    Repairs are performed
  • 05
    Repaired equipment gets tested
  • 06
    The customer is provided with testing results (via photos and video recordings)
  • 07
    The customer pays for the repairs, and the Service Center returns the equipment
asic repair service

All equipment undergoes mandatory diagnostics after repair

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