Our service center

Full package - hardware, hosting services and electricity

  • Most reliable devices procured directly from manufacturers.
  • Prices include installation, configuration and maintenance.
  • Hydropower electricity available at very competitive prices.
  • On-site repair facility staffed with certified technicians.
  • Sell or trade-in your hardware to optimize your costs.

Service and support

  • Web application provides real-time view of your operations.
  • Transparent daily billing.
  • Help and instructions available at every step.
  • Get connected via email, messengers, phone.
  • Personalized service and knowledgeable personnel.

Professional hosting

  • Data centers following best practices and operational standards.
  • Redundant resources for critical infrastructure components.
  • Custom device configuration for optimal long-term performance.
  • Active monitoring instantly detecting performance degradation.
  • Trained team on-site 24x7 to respond to operational challenges.

Maintenance and repair services

  • Preventive maintenance plan for each device.
  • Monitoring components temperatures and preventing overheating.
  • Instant outage detection and fast on-premise diagnostics.
  • Highly skilled certified technicians.
  • Repair times better than manufacturer warranty.

Miner’s insurance and buyback program

  • Mining hardware runs at maximum capacity increasing rate of failure.
  • Hardware failure means opportunity lost and repair costs.
  • Get paid even when your device performance degrades.
  • Get a spare instantly when your device goes offline.
  • Sell your hardware to recover device's residual market value.

Cloud mining (coming soon)

  • Benefit from cryptocurrency mining without buying hardware.
  • Earn resources to buy your own device.
  • Variety contracts options to choose from.
  • Affordable option to try and learn crypto mining.
  • Minimize risks related to hardware ownership.

Any questions about crypto mining hosting services?